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Our Central Statements.

Gems from the Library and MailBag.

Home to Positive Atheism

Our Central Statements.

1.  Introduction To Activistic Atheism  (frames version)*

*(The frames version is self-contained.)

•  What is Atheism?

•  Regular Atheism.

•  The Philosophy of Positive Atheism.

•  What is Theism?

•  Discussing Atheism with Others.


2.  Why Advocate For Individual Activists?


3.  What Does “Positive” Mean? from Encarta World Dictionary

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Found Amongst Our Library.

Index ot Titles

1.  “What’s to stop you from killing or stealing?” u

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Gems from the MailBag.

Index ot Titles

1.  Questions From a Protestant

2.  Four Questions From a High-School Teacher

3.  Two Questions From a Youth Minister

4.  Some Questions About Atheism vs. Theism

5.  Questions About Atheistic Culture and Belief

6.  Some Words Clarified

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Expanded Index of the Mailbag Gems

Index ot Titles and Sections

1.  Questions From a Protestant

Where do humans get their value?

What kind of morals do atheists uphold?

How are you certain of God's nonexistence?

What is the explanation for our finite existence?

Do you think that what happened in Colorado was awful? Why or why not?

2.  Four Questions From A High-School Teacher

What do atheists believe happens when you die?

How do atheists believe the universe was created?

Apart from not believing in the exisence of a God, supreme being, etc., is there another belief that binds atheists together?

If you had to go to court, for whatever reason, what do you swear to tell the truth on?

3.  Two Questions From A Youth Minister

What makes the Atheistic viewpoint more believable than that of Christianity?

What is the primary reason for our existence? (Question Unclear: We Offer Two Alternatives)

For what purpose was humankind brought into being? (First Alternative)

What is your purpose for living, for remaining alive? (Second Alternative)

4.  Some Questions About Atheism vs. Theism

What are the advantages of atheism over theism?

How do atheists achieve hope (optimistic faith) in times of trouble?

Would an entirely atheistic world be ideal?

How does Positive Atheism benefit society?

5.  Questions About Atheistic Culture And Belief

What are atheists' beliefs on the origins of the universe?

What are atheists' beliefs on life after death?

Do atheists get involved in rites of passage, and daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms of life?

6.  Some Words Clarified







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Picks From Our Online Forum

Topical Index

What Is Atheism?

Where Did We Get Our Definition For 'Atheist'?

Atheism: Religious View, Or View About Religion?

Why Feature Historical Writings Of People Who Were Not Atheists?

Deism: Cultural And Personal Gateway To Atheism?

What Is PAM's Position On Agnosticism?

A Critical Look At Pantheism

Do Atheists Have A Symbol?

'Weak' And 'Strong' As Philosophical Terms

Atheism: Awareness And Acceptance

How Can Atheists Endure Religion's Exclusivism?

Where Do Atheists Find Hope, Inner Peace?

Where Do Atheists Find Comfort In Times Of Danger?

Explain Your Personal View To Me

Why Advocate For Individual Activists? (part of our Central Statement)

Personal Atheism And The Various Atheist Groups

Wanna Debate Bob Enyart? (our statement on the skill of debate)

How Can You Be Sure There's No God?

George H. Smith's Explanation of the Burden of Proof (part of a larger work)

The Bottom Line: The Burden of Proof (part of a larger work)

What Philosophy Do Atheists Live By?

Two Questions From A Youth Minister

What Makes The Atheistic Viewpoint More Believable Than That Of Christianity?

What Is The Primary Reason For Our Existence?

With No Superior Moral Dictator, Why Not Kill?

Life Would Certainly Be Depressing And Meaningless If There Was No Hereafter

One Can Be Ethical And Moral Without God

Already Positive, Atheism Is The Way To Be Truly Happy

The Value Of Truthfulness

Is Not Conduct More Important Than Creed? Can Some Religions Justify Their Existence?

Do Atheists Accept The Existence Of Souls?

What Is The Atheist View Of The Afterlife?

What Do Atheists Think Of Life After Death?

Atheists, The Paranormal, And The Supernatural

Paranormal, Supernatural, Ghosts, And Atheism (in two parts)

The Paranormal and the Supernatural as Each Relates To Science

Ghosts and the Afterlife: Paranormal, Supernatural, or What?

Why Try to Convince Others That God Doesn't Exist?

I Don't Advertise That I Don't Believe In The Tooth Fairy

If There Is No God, Why Have An Organization To Prove There Is No God?

It Takes Much More Faith Not To Believe In God Than It Does To Believe In God

Atheism In Europe vs. Atheism In the US; Values; Truth; Sects

Must We Stand For The 'Under God' Pledge?

Why Does The Universe Exist?

Didn’t Charles Darwin Repent on His Deathbed (of Having Taught Evolution)?

What Was Not Being Said: Billy Graham's Cloistered Indoctrination of American Teens

Do You Criticise Religions Other Than Christianity?

Gospel Contradictions

The Problems With The Biblical Resurrection

When Was The Trinity Invented?

Anno Domini? When And Why Did We Start Over?

Josh McDowell And Bible Prophesy

On Quoting The Bible Out Of Context

The Bible Itself Teaches this Practice to Christians

New Testament Misapplications of Hebrew Scripture

Is There A Polite Response To The Christian Sneeze Invocation?

You Are On Our Prayer List: We Will Pray For You Always

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This project is always under the evolutionary process.
May we never have all the answers!
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