More On The Missing O'Hairs...
GHQ Director Tyson Interviewed;
Robin's Car at Police Impound Lot
by Conrad Goeringer

An Austin, Texas police detective interviewed Spike Tyson, the Director at American Atheists offices earlier today in connection with the disappearance of the Murray O'Hair family. 

Two days ago, it was learned that William Murray -- evangelist, and estranged son of American Atheists founder Madalyn O'Hair -- had filed a "missing persons" report. It now appears that Murray was only able to file a "Request To Find." According to Tyson, "A 'missing persons' report can only be filed if there is reasonable evidence of foul play, and so far that doesn't appear to be the case." William Murray has stated that despite bad relations with his family for the last twenty years, his attempt to determine their fate was prompted by a desire for "closure." He has also told news media that he hopes his mother, Madalyn O'Hair, "had an experience with Jesus Christ," alluding to his belief that the famous Atheist has died.

Tyson was interviewed by a Detective Baker, and was told that the investigation was at the "beginning stage." He also reported that the car belonging to Robin Murray O'Hair, found earlier in a parking lot near the Austin airport, is now in a police impound lot undergoing tests for physical evidence. 

A "Request To Find" (also known as a "Request To Locate") means that police will simply attempt to verify that a certain person or persons are alive; that fact is then revealed to the person making the request, although any specifics -- such as whereabouts -- are not included. News reports say that the Austin Police Department investigators in the Murray O'Hair case have about two-dozen similar situations they must investigate.

Mr. Tyson also reported that police were interested in the fact that Tyson was followed by an unidentied, grey car for about a two week period immediately following the disappearance of the Murray O'Hairs. He was unable to obtain a license plate number. 

On Monday, NBC Nightly News aired a segment about the missing family but offered no new conclusive evidence in the case. Tyson informed aanews that "We've got media all over the place" today, and attributes the renewed public fixation with the disappearance on the one year anniversay. 

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