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The mark “(learning aid)” in parentheses and white text indicates a site dedicated to providing science instruction and other educational aids for the youngsters among us.



Positive Atheism does not recommend any of these sites; you are probably smart enough to take care of yourself: you certainly don’t need our advice. We list these sites as a courtesy, hoping (beyond hope) that this information might assist you to further enhance your enjoyment, heighten your awareness, and hone your abilities.

We also feature the  (PAM Pick!)  which indicates web sites that impressed us the last time we visited. The  (PAM Pick!)  is a rater of Web sites, pointing to impressive uses of the Internet as a medium; the  (PAM Pick!)  does speak to the site owners’ work, rather, it speaks mainly to the webmaster’s use of the Internet as a medium to accomplish that work. 


We do not list sites which place restrictions on who may enter, including pay-to-enter sites (of course). For now, this does not include register-to-enter sites, simply because if we did, our Web Guide would be all of one screenful long. We nevertheless frown upon this and similarly intrusive Internet practices.

Our ban does include one site that bumps you to a special page if you surfed to their front page directly from certain, specific sites. (In this case, the special page slanders the originating sites!) Another one we left off our list was created by a stunningly arrogant specimen of self-flattery whose special script displays a pompous lecture if you try to visit using a certain brand of browser that he doesn't like and shame on you for not not liking it too! (Jeezis! What next!?) If you see any similar sites listed here, please contact us.

We also do not link to (but reserve the right to list) Web sites whose creators have copied and posted Positive Atheism’s material without permission. We are currently considering a move to expand this ban to sites which have grabbed and mirrored material from PAM friends (eg, Internet Infidels) and those who have joined our anti-mirroring effort.


If you find one or more URL listings to be out of date (ie, you’ve tried on several different days) please drop me a line and I will investigate and, perhaps, hide the listing. Three asterisks (***) means that I have had trouble and am still investigating (read: still hoping). Some are simply matters of awaiting eMail replies from the site owner over mistakes, etc.

We warn about flickering banners and other intense animation because some have health problems that can be adversely affected by these things. PAM is beaucoup accessibility conscious. We warn about java (etc) errors likewise because we are into accessibility, but mostly because some systems croak when such errors occur. Better safe than sorry, we say!

Listings on this page do not necessarily imply endorsement by "Positive Atheism," Cliff Walker,. or any “Positive Atheism” supporters or associates.