War on Drugs!

A fraudulent waste of taxpayer's money fighting a battle which cannot be won.

Greetings Young Republicans and Bob Dole Supporters! Welcome to the Psychedelic Tabby Cabal's Drug Resource Center. Follow these links to a wealth of information about controlled substances and America's current drug policy. We guarantee you'll be enlightened.

Each year the United States Government spends in excess of $16 billion waging a War on Drugs. Despite these astronomical expenditures, drug use in America is more common now than ever before, drugs of all kinds are more readily obtainable throughout all classes of American society, drug prices are generally cheaper than they were 20 years ago, and violence related to the illicit drug trade is on the rise.

The debate concerning drugs in America has been anything but rational. Too often blatant lies are disseminated as facts. The official view is one of Zero Tolerance, with no room for any dissenting opinion. No differentiation is made between the various types or classes of controlled substances. Cannabis is reviled and is regarded in a similar manner as narcotics like Heroin.

It is possible that this Official policy on drugs does not reflect the views of most Americans. It is possible that our government is not representing the Nation's best interest. The purpose of this page is to provide links to a diverse assortment of information on various controlled substances. There is no debate unless both sides have an equal opportunity to present their views.

A Political Endorsement?!


Hemp for Victory!


Thanks to the Usenet people around the world have an opportunity to talk freely about drug related issues. This is a major advance over the Reagan-era when the mere mention of drugs was forbidden in anything but the most mindless "Just Say No" rhetoric.


Legal Drugs

The Not-So-Loyal Opposition

Take some time and get to know the real enemy. These organizations are actively waging a war on your civil rights.



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