Life, Liberty And
The Pursuit Of Drug Tests
by Dr. Dean Edell

August 25, 2000

Iím against drug testing because itís basically unfair, prejudicial and often inaccurate, so I really became angry when I heard of how students in a Maryland high school were removed from classes and forced to give urine samples based on a rumor that drugs were used at a party.

Well, Iím pleased to say the outcome of this travesty is positive and school district officials have been ordered to apologize to the students and pay them unspecified damages.

The ACLU stepped in to help the 18 students who in January were taken from classes and given the drug tests, which were supposed to be confidential, but instead the samples with names on them were placed in the auditorium and results announced to students.

To me, this is idiotic behavior on the part of school officials, who are supposed to be bright and enlightened people. Under this kind of thinking, all youíd have to do if you didnít like someone in your class is spread a rumor that he or she is using drugs.

Weíre supposed to have basic freedoms in this country that protect us from unfounded rumors and allegations and in this incident, the rumors proved to be false since all but one test came back negative and the positive result was a lab error.

The Talbot County School District, by the way, says it will no longer conduct drug testing. If a student is suspected of drug abuse, the parents will be contacted and any further action will be up to them, so thatís a step in the right direction.