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Jerry Billings

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Cliff Responds:

Aren't almost all Fundamentalist Christian websites rightly considered questionable from our perspective?

But remember, that site is maintained by Fundamentalists who are fighting what they see as "smut." They do this by searching out the edgiest examples of the "smut" they say they oppose, and posting that very "smut" right here on the internet for all to see -- with no filters to keep kids out (like the legitimate porn sites)! Can you imagine what kind of mind it would take to do such a thing? "WARNING! This is the kind of stuff you will see if you surf the Web! Those heathens! Those godforsaken atheists! Just look at what this world is coming to! Will you take a look at that!?"

After doing this, they go after the comparatively classy presentations such as Playboy and Michaelangelo's David.

Frankly, I know where is, and that's about it. It's not like you can simply enter the string "outrageous filth" into a search engine and find stuff like this. You have to look long and hard -- or already know where it is. On top of that, you have to pay to see it once you get there. You don't simply bump into it. I reckon the folks at the Atlanta Christian Gallery have the same mentality as those who opt to sit on a censorship committee -- so they can watch dirty films and get paid to do it.

Either that, or it's simply a well-executed practical joke put on by one of those damned Discordian groups.

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Later note:

This is the same URL that hosts the Nuremburg Files page, that was hit with a big fine this week.

-- Cliff Walker,
February 3, 1999

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