Darwin Is Not Opposite
Of Jesus So Why The
Little Fish With Legs?
Charles Gause

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There they go calling people "fools" again, just like that hypocrite Jesus who said that to call someone a fool could earn more than a life sentence in the flaming pits of Hell. This same Jesus later called people fools (and even devils) simply for disagreeing with him.

And these hostile Christian writers almost always place the accusation of "fool" in the first words of the first sentence.

By His fruit ye shall know Him: Doth an embittered, hypocritical god bring forth embittered, hypocritical disciples?

Conclusion: If someone calls you a fool you're definitely talking to a Christian.

The little "fish" with legs is supposed to represent an amphibian. Darwin does not represent the opposite of Jesus, but represents one of many elements in the more accurate and more useful replacement for the highly destructive Jesus myth. The Darwin Amphibian is moving from left to right -- forward on the timeline -- while the Jesus Fish is moving from right to left -- backwards on the timeline. This is significant seeing that many Christians want to take our culture back to the dark ages, and seeing that Christianity has consistently opposed any and all advances in science. The one exception is when those advances later turn out for the good of all; in which case, the Christians almost always give their god retroactive credit for having "inspired" scientists to find the cure, etc. Never mind that the Christian god spent thousands of years keeping such knowledge hidden from man before he allegedly inspired a hard-working scientist to discover it.

There go those sneaky objects of paranoid conspiracy theorists again, hiding the facts and laughing behind our backs.

(What kind of mind does it take to come up with this stuff?)

Even if evolution is only theory (it isn't), and even if there were no transitory fossils (there are plenty of them), how does it then follow that Jesus is a god? What happened to Allah, Jehovah, Brahma, Krsna, Quetzalcoatl, Thor, Ra, Apollo and the others? and what about all the goddesses?


Show me there is a god and then show me that that god is Jesus. Do it in a polite discussion that does not resort to false science, but remains within the realm of truth.

As it stands, I have just been given further reason to disbelieve Jesus, because one of his followers used false science (and emotional terrorism, to boot: "will you be ready?") to try to persuade me to believe that Jesus is a god. What kind of god is that who allows his followers to lie in his name and for his purposes?

Cliff Walker

(some material borrowed from C. Dennis McKinsey's Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy)

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Here is what we are dealing with:

Proof Jesus existed: "Jesus was numbered in a Roman Census."

As if we have those records today, to verify this novel argument for the historicity of Jesus. No. There are no independent accounts of Jesus' existence until well after the Gospel accounts had had time to circulate, several decades after Jesus is alleged to have existed.

It is our hope that no one de-converts to atheism on this little forethought.

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