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We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the freethought / atheism movements in recent centuries. This is why we dedicate so much space to the great historical writings of people like Joseph Lewis, Robert Green Ingersoll, and Thomas Jefferson. Call this a preservation effort, of sorts, but true preservation comes with widespread familiarity with the existence and the content of these writings.

We are in the process of changing servers, because the old server has turned out to be too unreliable. The new server, Aracnet, has come very highly recommended by a client of Cliff's who is one of those technical whiz wimmin. Although the old server let us slide and pay late when money was was tight, that does not make up for the technical problems that often prevented readers from contancting us by e-mail and from visiting our Home Page.

Although many will suppose that our changing servers has something to do with my recent split from United States Atheists, neither has anything to do with the other.

This website has always been owned by Cliff Walker. Until recently, Cliff had graciously donated his time and money to USA/CRT. Now, he is completely independent from that organization and is trying to start a new project: a magazine called "Positive Atheism."

We will put you on our e-mail list so you can keep up with the changes.

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