The Myth Of
The Atheistic Barber
Durbin Davis

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From: Cliff Walker <>
Subject: Re: [The Myth of the Atheistic Barber]
Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999

I get the point of your myth, just like I get the points of the Jesus myth, the myth of Matsys the Fish, and many of the other myths I have encountered.

However, like your barber story, the Jesus story is fiction. I understand the point, I just dont think it is based in fact.

If a certain argument against your claim of the existence of a god is inadequate (in this case, a misrepresentation of the Argument from Evil), it does not follow that your claim is therefore true. Here is an example of such foolishness:

Dao's response to Chao's claim is meaninglessness, and fails to refute Chao's claim. However, we still haven't verified Chao's claim. It remains just that: a claim, and nothing more.

Your little story fails to properly state the Argument from Evil, making it seem more foolish than it actually is (it's quite formidable, actually, which is why whoever wrote it did not tackle it head-on, but instead erected a Straw Man of it).

Your barber story, like the Jesus myth, contains serious flaws:

Thankfully, no monster such as the Christian "God" exists. We only have to worry about this matter when people use faulty reasoning in their attempts to persuade us that falsehood is truth.

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