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Randall M Jones

A note to some theists who write to us:
We insist on the right to insist on truthfulness in all discussions.
If you want to try to hold us accountable for something we believe or say,
please be sure that we actually said it or believe it before launching your salvos
against us. If you lie to us or about us, we will call you on it, because we
insist on truthfulness. So please, think about what you say first, if for no other
reason than that we tend to post some of the more ridiculous tirades — just
for laffs. Then, atheists who visit this site are reminded of why we would
never convert to theism. If you have a truly challenging argument to present,
we will do our best to consider it. And who knows? We might learn something.

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Thank you for pointing this out.

At Positive Atheism, we always spell the word Christian with a capital "C" -- the precise way the dictionaries tell us to spell it: we do this in the interest of dignity. Sometimes we misspell other words because we're being stupid, just not thinking, working too fast or too late. But occasionally you can tell we're using the modern convention of deliberately misspelling certain words for stylistic reasons -- usually to "dumb ourselves down" for an intended audience. It should be easy to tell by the context when we're doing this.

Never will we intentionally misspell the name of a group of people (such as the formerly popular misspelling for the word Negro or the currently popular misspelling for the word Christian) for the purposes of using an epithet against that group. We usually edit this tendency on the part of some atheists to misspell Christian when we post their letters to our Forum, if they're good letters; otherwise, we just don't post them if they contain this language. But in your case, we made an exception for the purpose of making a point.

And, hey! Grammar checkers are good, too. Even the cheap ones will tell you if you have forgotten to follow a period with a space.

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