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From: Positive Atheism <>
Subject: Re: WebMaster:_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 3:04 AM

I don't know what you mean when you use the word God so I cannot tell you if there is one. I have no reason to believe in the existence of any of the deities that I have heard about, but I cannot answer your question until I know what you mean by this otherwise meaningless three-letter word.

As for why we should publish a magazine with a target audience of atheists -- because we want to. I have personally felt the sting of vicious bigotry and discrimination beginning in the second grade, at age seven, and this discrimination has recurred throughout my life unto this very day, when I received a threat of physical violence in the mail from a Florida creationist and Alcoholics Anonymous member. I have been jailed in Oregon simply for refusing to undergo religious instruction (court-mandated Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, without the benefit of a drug- or alcohol-related charge, much less a conviction) and for asserting what I thought was my Constitutional right.

I know of a seven-year-old who lives not far from me who is getting it a lot worse in 1999 than I got in 1963 and 1966 because his Mom, unlike my Mom, decided to risk her reputation and fight for her son's dignity.

As for why we should advocate for state-church separation and for the dignity of atheists, we Americans know only too well about the intrusive religion that is Evangelical Christianity. They revise history and call our country a "Christian Nation" even though the United States was founded as one of the first ever secular nations. They want to force their religion down our throats. Since they cannot produce a reasoned argument to convince us, they will try the force of legislation -- if and only if we let them get away with it.

Also, more Americans think it is okay to discriminate against atheists than think it is okay to discriminate against homosexuals. American homosexuals have it worse even than the Jews in America. Meanwhile, the majority of us who are atheists are afraid to admit publicly that we are atheists. Whenever some sports star or other public figure is interviewed in the press, his or her religion is almost always discussed. However, no radio, television or newspaper would dare mention that so-and-so public figure is an atheist -- even if this comes up in the interview.

Historically, we have been tortured, brutalized, and burned at the stake. Our estates have been confiscated, and our children enslaved. The Church still has our predecessors' money, though they cannot, at this time, take our lives and get away with it -- not in America, anyway. Let us hope that it stays that way.

If you think fighting for our dignity, our rights, and our lives is "a waste of energy" and "all foolishness" you are entitled to your opinion. I can only wish that you don't belong to a group that eventually becomes the target of these religionists' ire; I would not wish that even upon the very culprits who have gone after me for all these years.

We don't go after all religionists, only the intrusive ones.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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