A Crime To Be
An Atheist In America?

A good test of theists, to see if they are serious about following truth wherever it may lead, is to suggest that they renounce theism if they cannot make their case with you. This is risky in that it works both ways: you become willing to convert if they do make their case with you. Some theists are masters at the art of debating, and know more about controlling a discussion than they do about discerning truth from falsehood. Others are highly skilled, very shrewd salespeople. Rev. Billy Graham was once the Fuller Brush Company's most proficient mover of product, and went on to use these skills to sell Christianity.
          [from the Positive Atheism FAQ]

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The point I was trying to make in this section is that theism, especially the American brands of Evangelical Christianity, relies on hard-sell sales pitching.

Perhaps I neglected to include the fact that Europe and America are vastly different; most of our e-mail subscribers and all of our print edition subscribers are Americans (only 18 months ago did I branch out from covering strictly the state of Oregon). I have heard that things are much different in most of Europe, and will try to see if I can work this element in to the FAQ when I become healthy enough to revise it.

For now, I am very experienced as speaking on the religious situations in America, and have studied the situation in India and have spoken with several atheists from there. India's situation seems to be along the same lines as America's with its open market of religious ideas. Nevertheless, America's "open market" more resembles a row of travelling carnival side show barkers.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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