The Inept Claims
Of The Bible's
Pseudo-Historic Values
Caleb Naugle

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Caleb Naugle"
Subject: Re: WebMaster:_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 3:41 PM

My turn-around is slow these days because US West has been dilly-dallying (again!) on this latest DSL repair ticket for several days now, and I only get my e-mail by sheer chance -- about once a day (if that) -- until further notice. I would install a modem but that would mean removing the CD burner, and I'm hoping they will get off their duffs sometime soon (wishful thinking, I fear).

I have written some stuff in the Letters section, particularly the one about Josephus (open the Letters Index and search for "Josephus"). Also, there are some good articles by Hyam Maccoby and Arthur Drews in the Historical section under Articles of Historical Interest. Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" is a classic, and is listed in Historcial, Thomas Paine. Also check out Ingersoll's "Some Mistakes of Moses" under Historcial, Ingersoll. Several of the Ingersoll articles contain the classic historical arguments, very few of which have been answered with any degree of candor (they simply assert that they have solved the problem, but they really haven't as far as I can tell). Under Articles, Atheism and Awareness, Editorials, the article "In Search Of God: Is Atheism The Only Alternative?" by Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong is a real eye-opener as are "A Criticism of My Church" by Gerd Lüdemann and "Ideologies, Text and Tradition" by John Bowden -- all listed under Articles, Atheism and Awareness, Editorials. Finally, check out "Josh McDowell's Charade" by Gordon Stein, Ph.D., in the same Index.

I would give you the URLS for all of these, but could not do so with any degree of certainty would require me to go online, visit each page, and then copy and paste the link into this e-mail; like I said earlier, to log on or to send or receive e-mail is a crap-shoot at this moment, so I will trust that you can navigate our website. If you have trouble finding any of these sections, write me back and I will get the exact URL for you "by hand" (or, perhaps within the next week or so I will have my Internet service back).

If you have any specific questions or theistic objections, please feel free to ask.

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