Cloning Jesus With
Turin Shroud DNA?
Lance M. Wilhelm

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Cliff Responds:

Let's suppose they cloned me with some my DNA from (say) a flake of dandruff or a booger in an old handkerchief, etc. Would that be me in there, or someone else with the same DNA (such as with a pair of identical twins -- they are not the same person, but two individuals with different memories and life experiences and so forth).

Now let's suppose that really was Jesus's DNA on the Shroud and that they could clone Jesus with it. It wouldn't be the same Jesus, would it?

This is my main objection to the resurrection involving reconstructing the body: how could that be me if such an integral part of being me involves the continuous experience of my life, my memories, having grown into becoming who I am, etc.

But let's suppose they worked around that problem and could actually re-create me (it's really me) from (whatever) after I died. If they could re-create me later, they could do today. Could you imagine being "me" in two bodies at the same time?

As much as I'd like to live forever (or again), the logistics of it become absurd (any way you look at it) -- to the point of strongly suspecting that the whole thing is probably just a bunch of wishful thinking that got out of hand.

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