I Will Pray
You See And Feel
God's Love
Kathi B.

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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "Kathi B"
Subject: Re: WebMaster:_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: Monday, November 06, 2000 3:50 PM

We are an organization dedicated to fighting bigotry against atheists. We do this by setting ourselves up to be victims of bigotry and then showing that bigotry to the world.

We notice that you clicked the e-mail on our front page, which gives us an excellent indication that you went no further than the word atheism before writing to us. We have discovered that just the word atheist is sufficient to keep us from making friends, getting jobs, renting apartments, and even having the bartender mix you a good drink (as opposed to a lousy drink). We have found the word atheist is sufficient grounds for being threatened, beat up, intimidated, and in my case, thrown in jail. I was raised an atheist, and had you bothered to read a few of my monthly columns, you'd see what it's like to grow up atheist in a world bent on trying to give us the hocus pocus, and try to function in a world where people try to force us to believe the dominant superstition.

Please answer the following two questions if you wish for us to take your letter seriously.

1. Do you think it is rude to inform a known atheist that you are praying for him or her? I do. I think it's very bad manners to tell an atheist friend or relative that you are praying for him or her even if they fall ill.

2. If all you know about that person is their atheism, do you think informing that person that you are praying for them constitutes bigotry? I do. What you are trying to say is that we are somehow inferior to you based upon our viewpoint, that you consider it your duty to try to straighten us out.

Meanwhile, have I ever tried to dissuade you from indulging in your hoodoo and voodoo? No. Although I think the end-times and left-behind hucksters are the lowest exploiters imaginable, as low class as it gets, I don't care at all whether you or anybody else buys into their rubbish.

Positive Atheism thinks the question of whether or not gods exist is one of the stupidest things over which to get into an argument, so we don't spend much time discussing whether gods exist. Our target audience consists of those who already realize that the gods are just make believe. I merely insist on a little bit of dignity from your camp.

Thus, we will post and your little act of bigotry just so we all can know just what we're up against and what kinds of people are out there trying to keep us down. If you choose to apologize for this, we will post your apology as well. May we all learn something from this act.

Finally, I grew up in the town where Rev. Tim LaHaye started the Moral Majority with Rev. Jerry Falwell, and I have watched him over the years. Thus, I will use this opportunity to state publicly that even as preachers go, LaHaye is bad news. Bad news. He has even come under fire from the Evangelical Christian communities for his occult-based teachings involving the "four temperaments." Now, I have nothing against the occult any more than I have against the Christian religion, but methinks LaHaye is a hypocrite of the first order when he denounces others for their religious views and then turns around advocates those very same views in order to sell a half-dozen books.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine
Five years of service to
     people with no reason to believe

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