Religious Emphasis At
United States Naval Academy

[anonymous by request]

From: [anonymous by request]
To: Positive Atheism
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section
Date: Thursday, November 30, 2000

I just finished reading the letter sent in by MSgt Fulton and your response. I thought I might be able to contribute.

I'm a junior at the United States Naval Academy. If my school is any indication of the rest, Cliff, you are correct in your assumptions of the religious environment of military schools.

Every day at lunch the entire school is subjected to prayer. Nearly everybody bows their heads in prayer. Those few of us who don't stick out and are noticed by the rest. This is not somewhere where sticking out is a good thing either.

The prevalent religion is, of course, Christianity. Nearly any religion is tolerated though, as long as it's Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, and Muslims are just barely tolerated. The worst of all is to have no religion at all. On a number of occasions I have had other midshipmen, and chaplains, try to talk me into taking on some religion. They seem to assume that my being an atheist makes me some kind of anarchist. The worst of all is that the force-feeding of religion starts at the top and works it's way down. Our current Commandant (our equivalent of the Dean of Students) laid his religion out for us the first time he talked to us. He ended that speech by saying "Every action I make is based on the fact that I love, and fear, God." Pretty creepy huh?

[anonymous by request]