To Make A
Final Judgement On God?

Sir or Ma'am:

Your logic is atrocious. This does not surprise me, as faith is about believing what one is told; it is not about seeking truth.

First, if there is no creator, that does not automatically mean that the universe came into existence by itself. It is conceivable that the universe has always existed and that what is called the "Big Bang" was the result of a previous "big collapse." That is one of many alternative explanations for the existence of the universe. It is very dishonest of you to limit the atheist to only one alternative -- that of the universe coming into existence by itself.

Next, it does not follow that we think racism is a good idea. For you to say that we think this is blatant slander on your part. (Then, again, nobody ever said that faith wants truth to be demonstrated to you -- right before before your very eyes.)

Racism is a product of tribalism and nationalism, which are -- again -- usually the result of believing what one is told rather than thinking for oneself. In this sense, tribalism and nationalism differ very little from faith in religious dogma.

Adolf Hitler was only continuing what his church had been doing for nineteen centuries. He justified his atrocities with the Bible and historical Church precedent. Using the Bible as his guide, Hitler thought he was doing what was right; he thought he was carrying out God's will, as revealed in Holy Scripture.

Hitler abused logic and truth in a manner similar to the way you have done in your letter to me. He put words in his opponents' mouths (as you have done to me), and then proceeded to denounce the things that his opponents never said in the first place (as you have done in your letters).

You lie about my not knowing my purpose in life. I know my purpose in life. I have thought about this for my entire life. I know that I must leave this world a better place than I found it, using all the resources available to me -- particularly my mind. Far from being "meaningless ooze that crawled out of a magical pond," I am a member of the collective DNA molecule that has surmounted seemingly impossible to survive and to become what we organisms have become. I am constantly awed by this fact -- almost to the point of being distracted from everyday life.

You, my fellow human, are free to continue your program of lies and spitefulness. I will use this opportunity to make this a better world by opening your letter up to discussion. Perhaps we can all learn something from you in spite of your seeming refusal to be truthful.

I will continue to judge the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Hindu gods by their own alleged words, especially those claims (made by their followers) that faith produces superior behavior than do thought and doubt. The "many ignorant people" you mention have acted according to faith, and have produced the fruits of a faith-filled life: lies, to protect the integrity of the faith; murder, to protect the purity of the congregation; theft, to protect the stability of the religion.

If your religion was about truth, then you would not have lied to me and you would not have lied about me. With that, I think I can do a far superior job at making myself honest and at having a purpose than your god has done with you.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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