Tempted To Simply
Say I'm An Atheist
Bálint Balogh

From: "Bálint Balogh" (Hungary)
To: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
Subject: PA-via_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: Sunday, January 28, 2001 2:23 AM
Dear Cliff Walker
I found your site through some link to the big quotes page. I decided to write this email because you've done a great job which I really appreciate and I wanted you to know that. Hopefully my email is only one of the thousands of this sort, so I don't expect you to reply.
Actually I read a few articles and after that I downloaded the whole thing so I have time to look into it thoroughly. I found the articles and other stuff very intelligent, well organized and comprehensive. Your devotion to the subject is really impressive. All I can say is:  WOW!WOWWOW!, man! Keep it up! You've done a lot more for the public by now than most of us can even dream of.
I believe it's very important that people understand what atheism really is, so that they don't have to rely on stereotypes and lies popularized by anti-atheists. Also it's very important that atheists see their ideas collected and presented as a coherent system. The very notion of positive atheism suggests that it isn't merely rejection but an independent way of thinking that needs no religious opponents to justify itself. Your site is a great help for all atheists who try to defend their views against theists' arguments.
I was brought up as a Christian which I took really seriously. I was continuously seeking for proofs of what I considered right and trying to find reasonable ways to avoid what I couldn't believe in. A few years ago I reached a point where I had to admit that no such proof exists and all of what I accepted as true and important in Christianity could be equally derived from less incredible ideas. What I liked (and I still do) in Christianity was actually the strong ethics of it, except of course racism, sexism, etc. I used to consider myself as agnostic, to be precise: theist agnostic first, atheist agnostic later. Now I'm tempted to simply say I'm an atheist.
I've changed a lot but I never had any crisis of faith. It happened gradually and naturally; no bad conscience or such. However, I had trouble defining my new views. I still felt the desire to have a well-defined philosophic system which atheism seemed to be the opposite of. Your site helped me a lot in finding and accepting my own way. Seeing that I'm not alone and lots of work has been done to support atheist ideas.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Bálint Balogh
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world,
the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
G. B. Shaw

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