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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "RCJ21483"
Subject: Re: Quick Question
Date: Saturday, February 03, 2001 8:30 AM

I'm not sure about the e-mails because they all get sent to different folders, and it would be impossible for me to count them. I post most of what I get, and many posts are parts of long dialogues, with a upwards of a dozen or two letters per dialogue. And looking at the recent sections of our Letters section is misleading because I'm so backlogged in posting. If you go back six months or more, almost all those are posted, and you'll get a clue. Just say that I have over 250 individual letters and responses awaiting time for me to post, the earliest of which is time-stamped July 29, 2000.

Also, much of what I get is informational: e-lists, correspondents, and the like. And then there's the SPAM and the virus attacks. I get upwards of eight virus attacks per week. Before I announced that we'd been hit with the MTX virus, I'd had perhaps four virus attacks in as many years. I'd estimate that I go through between fifty and a hundred and fifty pieces of mail a day, five to fifteen of which are destined for posting.

As for the "Hit Counter," I'm surprised that thing even works, because it's linked to two web-hosts ago! These counters are misleading, though. In January alone, we had 593,541 "Hits" (requests for a file, successful or not). That translates to 484,426 files (including graphics) being successfully loaded onto people's browsers. That's 144,637 pages (HTML document views, not counting graphics or child frames). We uploaded 4,861,722 kbytes (4.8 gigabytes) which is almost halfway to having to pay Premium rate for hosting. This is okay as websites go, but is astounding for a mom-and-pop and is quite remarkable for an atheistic website. I won't get into how much busier ours is than those of some of the more noteworthy organizations you've surely heard of; I'm not supposed to know these figures, so I won't tell them to you.

During January, 26,909 different people visited PAM (that's about how many "hits" that retarded "hit counter" says on our front page). This is even misleading because sometimes an entire ISP will count as a single person, so fifteen or fifty members of that ISP could show up and that would still only tick one count on this meter for everybody on the ISP. Believe it or not, Hungary, Pakistan, and Finland account for more activity than you'd ever expect. Usually, it's the United States, Australia, Canada, the U.K., Finland, Denmark, Greece, The Netherlands, and New Zealand, in that order.

It has become common, I hear, to grab the whole website in one sitting (such as at college), then burn it onto a CD-ROM or a ZIP Drive so as to save on metered online expenses while reading the material at home. This is fine with me, as long as nobody mirrors anything online without my permission. At this time, I will not allow the Quotes section to be mirrored at all, and will vigorously pursue anybody who does this to my work. It's one thing to grab some of the quotes and place them within a larger work, but mirroring an entire website is tacky, and so I have sabotaged the Quotes section to make it a lot of work for somebody to do this. I also watermark everything I do, so if anybody is thinking of using my e-text conversion, I'll know it's mine based on the virtually imperceptable errors I have introduced into my editions of the text. This is how cartographers protect their maps from being copied and published.

The popular pages, in descending order, are the Bush Quotes page (they gotta wade through the state-church stuff to get to the bloopers section), the Letters section, the Big List of Quotations, Introduction to Activistic Atheism, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Joseph Lewis's The Ten Commandments, the De-Conversion stories, Lecky's Rationalism in Europe, the debunking of the Disney subliminals (sorry, folks!), Bertrand Russell, a short letter to us from the brilliant Kysa Braswell (she's back online), Isaac Asimov, the Which Ten Commandments poster, and, surprisingly, Joseph Lewis's The Bible Unmasked (his exposé of biblical smut which, I discovered, enjoys links on more than one porno page).

As for size, I think we're pushing about 68 megabytes, perhaps more, though one figure shows only 57. I have no way to easily tell, I can't just log on and run a count like I used to do, so I'm just waiting for the web host to give me my ninety-five-percent warning. We will surely go into Premium prices with our upload figures long before we get up to 100 megabytes of material posted (and the Premium packages start off with 200 megabytes of space).

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine
Five years of service to
     people with no reason to believe

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