Brian Grace's
'Feeling Superior' Letter

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Cliff's remarks:

I stumbled across the Brian Grace letter only recently, stowed away in an obscure folder along with several others yet to be posted. I am sorry that so many letters get set aside for months (and in this case, years), but I can only do so much, which is sometimes more than I ought to be trying to do. But you only live so long, and then your words must speak for themselves.

Because of the way the Browse feature is set up, new letter files, the letters of which may actually be months or even years old, get posted in numerical order, though they get indexed in chronological order. (I just this moment decided what to do about items that get appended to an old file! More on that soon!)

Were the letter a few months old, or even several months old, I think I might bother Brian about it, but a lot of time has passed, and if Brian is still active in the forum, he'll probably bump in to his letter which will contain a link to your response.

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