Another Landover Baptist
Publicity Stunt?
Report by Cliff Walker

Landover Shutdown Shutdown?

Update: Not two days after we sent this dispatch, the Landover Baptist Shutdown page was shut down by So much for that! Our original motive for sending the dispatch out was because we had been receiving DNS errors on the Landover Baptist link, and had feared that this effort might have succeed. Last time we looked, though, Landover is up to its usual shenanigans.

Update: Pastor at Landover tells us that Landover Shutdown was indeed shut down by, and has moved to We have changed our links accordingly.

From: "Positive Atheism Magazine" <>
To: <>
BCC: "Positive Atheism List"
Subject: Another Landover Baptist publicity stunt?
Date: Monday, April 30, 2001 7:28 AM GMT

Is this website, "Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown," just another Landover ploy designed to make Christians look like stupid, boorish, unreasonable liars? We have often suggested that desperate Christians of the in-your-face variety do not need the likes of Landover Baptist founder Chris Harper, but do all this and more under their own power.

We hammer this point home by posting the hate-mail and blithering diatribes sent to us by Christendom's more colorful urchins. Harper's fictions could never come close to the many real Christian websites which our readers point out to us, and Landover Baptist does not hold a candle to many of the letters in the Positive Atheism Forum.

If "Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown" is just another Discordian ploy, Congratulations! You had us fooled for a moment (as did Landover Baptist when we first encountered it several years ago -- it was so realistic that we inadvertently listed it in our Web Guide under Goofy Religions).

But if this is a bona fide Christian operation, I'd say that the pot must be calling the kettle some strange color: either way, I do not support making Christians look like unreasonable oafs -- even when it is the Christians who are making themselves look this way. Religion can and does have some extremely dignified and healthy expressions, and this only detracts from the dignity of those who take their faith seriously enough to try to bring dignity to their religious affiliation.

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