Debate With Christian
Talk-Show Host?
Ray Franz

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I am curious. What is in it for you to try to arrange a debate with a person who does not have a god belief and a Christian radio talk show host with a belief in his own personal and private concept of "god?" Advertising for your company? A chance for him to bash one of the "evil" nonbelievers?

There is really nothing to debate! The talk show host is but one of the few people in this world who chooses to believe the myth, legend and story written in the Bible. Cliff Walker believes there is just one less god than the talk show host's belief; a god which does not even have a name like those gods which preceded it, but is a generic one without a name other than "God."

I would suggest for the radio talk show host to read the material on the "Positive Atheism" web site and then write his response to the material which Cliff has assembled. The printed word leaves a trail with little "wiggle room" for later denial or change. Quotes from the Bible do not count as debate -- that is preaching and proselytizing.


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