Arguing Your Points
Before You Got To Respond
Vsevo Khoroshogo

"When I caught two car thieves several years ago, I testified before the Grand Jury. It felt very awkward for me to tell the DA that I wanted to affirm, and then she made a big announcement about it to the Grand Jury. As I was affirming, I looked up and recognized a fellow I knew, a man who had watched me struggle for dignity as an atheist when I had been court ordered to attend Twelve Step meetings (and was jailed for refusing -- even though I had no drug- or alcohol-related charges, much less convictions). He winked at me and I realized at once who he was and I remembered us talking about whether I should keep quiet about my beliefs in the very religious Anonymous programs -- and I felt okay. I saw that he recognized that I am true to my beliefs even when under pressure from a court."
-- from "Four Questions From A High-School Teacher"

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