Atheist? Materialist?
I Don't Know What I Am!
Gil Gaudia

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Date: Sunday, May 27, 2001 6:47 PM

Even if consciousness itself is a hallucination, of sorts (and that's what it's beginning to look like), we don't have to use that as our day-to-day model. In fact, we do well not to use that as our day-to-day model, and are justified in presupposing, with René Descartes, that "I think, therefore I am." In a working discussion, as with a working "reality," if we cannot "know" anything else, we can at least "know" this: without this, we have nothing at all to talk about.

Meanwhile, although quantum mechanics has turned Newtonian physics on its ear in the realm of sub-atomic particles, Newtonian physics still holds true outside the physics lab. The fourth century B.C.E. discovery that the Earth is not a perfect globe did not abolish the essential globe-ness of the Earth -- neither did render the Earth flat (it took the Bible, later instituted as the official dogma of the state religion, to do that).

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