Disturbing Website Is
A 'Realist'-Style Satire
Nick Carter

From: "Nick Carter"
To: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 6:29 AM
Subject: An informative letter from a devoted Agnostic!!!

I feel it is appropriate to give you kudos and thanks for your site.

But my actual reason for e-mailing the site is a disturbing site I found on the net.
This site is an example of christian fundamentalism at its worst. You should check it out.

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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "Nick Carter"
Subject: Re: An informative letter from a devoted Agnostic!!!
Date: Monday, July 30, 2001 6:24 AM

This is a Paul Krassner-style satire, along the lines of Landover Baptist or that anti-masturbation thing with the labyrinthine convolution of links to "other sites," each of which takes you on a wild "Christian" adventure -- only to deposit you squarely onto the pages of C Dennis McKinsey's Biblical Errancy page, etc.

"Satan" and I checked this one out several months ago: he was convinced that they were for real, until I showed him a few things about it. I noted that there were way too many hints where the author had crossed that line which not even Fundamentalists would dare to cross (not even the "God Hates Fags" idiot, "Father" Trosch, or even Jack Chick).

So we contacted the guy.

He assures us, in all sincerity, that he is an atheist with a sense of humor.

(I suggested to "Satan" that he's probably one of those benign, atheistic Satanists out for a few laffs.

And we all know that no Christian of any stripe would be caught "denying the Lord before men"!

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine
Five years of service to
     people with no reason to believe

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