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William Sherman

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "William Sherman"
Subject: Re: My boss is a theist ...
Date: September 13, 2001 7:21 PM

Who issued the order to end the tag-lines? I would start there.

Then, it's time to step out and commit the ultimate crime of criticizing religion in the face of this tragedy. It's time to point out that religion is what caused this to happen (religion combined with nationalism whipped up into a frenzy that can only be compared to religious fervor), religion is being used to justify it, and religion is fermenting the feelings of revenge that can only escalate this thing into global conflict.

I will start by pointing out that I do not see the connection between this incident and that god-talk which I have thus far heard in response. We are being asked to pray to a god who, from all appearances, was asleep at the wheel on Tuesday. It makes much more sense (that it, it makes me feel much more "complete"), to simply assume that no such thing as God exists.

Yes, this is risky, but I am suggesting that we at least popularize the question regarding the connection between the god-talk and what has really happened. I am also recommending that we point out to our immediate associates that religion is what started this whole thing and religion is what could easily escalate it into a problem that will eventually dwarf what happened on Tuesday into insignificance. That is what religious fervor does, especially when mixed with nationalism that has been whipped up into a frenzy of religious proportions.

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