Fanatic True Believer:
The Worse Kind Of Enemy
Ken Whitley

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[In a September 13 dispatch, Cliff Walker had written]:

Instead, I think many Americans will follow the lead of Europeans after World War II and jettison our love affair with the idea of a personal, rescuing deity. Particularly vulnerable in the wake of Tuesday's destruction is the idea that a tribal god, Christ, is outraged by the acts of the followers of the competing tribe's god, Allah. The call to prayer signals, to me, the precursor to the call to war, wherein the devoted followers of Christ will avenge Him of the deeds of the followers of Allah. After all, it was the followers of Allah who started this whole thing by avenging their god of the despicable treatment of His followers at the hands of the Americans, who are, in their eyes, the followers of Allah's rival Christ.

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Ken Whitley"
Subject: Re: PAM Urges Response To Calls for Prayer
Date: September 14, 2001 5:31 PM

I am still thinking that our culture will be getting a sustained face-full of fundamentalism. I suspect that many of us will see it for what it is and will abandon it for milder expressions of faith. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are not on good terms with anybody right now. Fundamentalism will be shown precisely for what it is, and many will recognize it in themselves and in those around them.

It is the recognition of a tendency within myself that most surely will prompt me to change myself, and I doubt too many people are very different from me in this respect. This is one of the reasons I post some of the less-enlightening letters from our Fundamentalistic fellows: perhaps some of us will see these tendencies in themselves. Gaud nose that I've noticed lots of these tendencies in myself just from responding to and posting these letters from Fundamentalists. My earlier approach to atheism was somewhat fundamentalistic but just exposing myself to this tendency in others has showm me a lot about myself and this insight has changed me significantly.

Anyway, I would hope that we can at least hope amidst all this trouble!

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six years of service to
     people with no reason to believe

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