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Open Letter To TVI Students, Albuquerqueans, and Americans

We have all suffered from a terrible, unthinkable tragedy committed by extremists who deserved to be punished.

We all have pain in our hearts and anger in our souls.

And our government is in the process of taking action.

But please, realize our common values as American citizens. The hatred and bigotry shown toward the American Islamic and Arab communities is wrong. The generalizations being made against these people are hasty and unfounded. The violence and terror geared toward these people is wholly un-American and must be stopped.

We have a large population highly of productive, pleasant, and patriotic Muslims and Arabs in Albuquerque alone. They love America and the opportunity to live here. They are just as saddened as the rest at the atrocities committed by evil extremists.

And on top of that, they now must live in fear of their own countrymen.

Please understand and know your fellow citizen before judging hastily. And then encourage others to do the same.

We as Americans face a common enemy that will take much time and effort to defeat. Let us not fight each other. Let us truly unite for the trying times ahead of us all.

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