August Issue: Is
Barry Manilow An Atheist?
J Kiel

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Date: September 20, 2001 12:05 AM

Barry Manilow does not hide his atheism, but neither does he flaunt it. This information came out in an interview where he was asked about his heritage and he called his agent "God" and calls himself a humanist.

Annika Walter is a sports figure, a silver medalist in diving, from Germany. You can find all kinds of racy photos of her with a search engine (including the one from which I cropped that portrait). Europeans are not ashamed of their bodies like Americans tend to be, so you will find photos of European sports figures ranging from "artistic" to downright racy.

August, 2001 Stamp Images

When I worked for the atheist group, I'd put their logo in the stamp images, which I had put there there so I could move the "Religion Off U.S. Postage" circle out of the way of the real postmark (so it wouldn't get covered up with marks -- I didn't care about the logos!). When I left the group, I started putting a different man and woman in the stamp each month. One month I made a mistake and mislabeled a photo of a woman, using the same name as the previous month and, on top of that, getting the photo I'd wanted wrong! Other than that, I've been able to round up a male and female atheist for each month I've been publishing. Sometimes it's my favorite part of doing an issue, and I'll spend a lot more time on it than is justified.

To get around to my point: you gotta be pretty much of an atheist to make the PAM Stamp: Thomas Paine, a Deist, as important as he was in bringing atheism ultimately down to our generation (and as much as he means to me personally), will never make the PAM stamp (unless I get desperate and change the rules). So, since you've seen Abraham Lincoln, Barry Manilow, and even Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, you can bet that I've come across sufficient evidence that they are (or were) definitely without theism (no Deists or borderline anything here, and no ambiguity).

Cliff Walker
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