Proof And Science,
Or Wishful Speculation?


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Date: September 24, 2001 1:01 AM

Where have you been,

I have deemed myself a letch from listening to those who seem to think that any deity is the cure-all to the world. I hope that I am not the only one who believes that proof and science come first, that anything else is wishful speculation. Why is it so wrong for me to believe that my mind is capable of making its own decisions. Why am I condemned for having my own brain?

The following is a poem that I wrote.


My name is Jesus,
And I preach peace.

My name is Allah,
And I preach peace.

My name is Vishnu,
And I preach peace.

My name is Buddha,
And I preach peace.

My name is Brian,
And I am an Atheist,
And I ask,
Where is the peace?

Every dogma,
Claims the answers,
The cure-all,
For human ills.

But so far,
In world history,
A trail of blood,
Is traced to each.

Again I ask,
Where is the peace?

Have your dogmas become
Peace only to those alike,
But death to those opposed.

The truth of any dogma,
Is lost in human thought,
That selfish pride abound.

Your country matter not,
Or of the land you fight.
It is the dogma that does inspire,
To fight both day and night.

Again I ask,
Where is the peace?

Where does it stop?

If I believed
Your gods were real,
I believe they'd be ashamed,
Of the hate that you do spiel.


Ok, you've read the poem. Now let me put it to you straight in a language any religion can understand. Stop!


Don't defame your dogma,
By killing others,
In the name of piety.

You only serve,
To turn your god,
Into the bastard of humanity.

Live up to your god,
And love.

I'm not picking on one,
In this poem,
I'm picking on all.

Every religion,
Shames me to admit,
That I am human.
When so many,
Are inhuman.

But I'm not guilty,
Say one and all,
That hold a book,
In name of the holy.

In name of the holy,
Bible, Koran, Talmud and Torah.
In the name of the holy,
Blood drips,
In selfish rage.

To those I say,
Do your dogmas justice,
And lay down your arms,
Embrace and understand.

Only fight those,
Who wish to divide,
All who have arms and legs,
And upright walk.

For these have brains,
And brains,
Can prevent bloodshed.



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