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Date: November 02, 2001 1:01 AM

Hope so, Ms. O'Hair really cracked that whip, from what I hear!

Most of all, though, I think she would approve of the fact that I'm actually trying to improve what she started, to branch off and do some things differently from the way she did them. What I think she would most approve of would be that I have studied what she did, and have noted what it did and did not accomplish. I make changes according to both my personal values plus what I think might work better.

Finally, she and I have a common root in that we both were more or less thrown into this work by the sheer injustice of the culture and the system, she by the prayer case and I having been held in jail for refusing to undergo Twelve-Step religious instruction. After that, I spent almost ten years working both directly and indirectly to put an end to that one practice.


Actually, I don't like Atheists very much -- at least most of them -- because they are not motivated to move into the community and attempt to correct the injustices which are everywhere apparent against them.
     -- Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Radio Address #151


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