Atheists In America:
Stand Up To Your Opponents
Bob Howard

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Cliff's response:

In America, this is not the case. Not only may a church restrict applications only to those of that belief, but this holds even when the church is hiring for positions that are to be funded with tax dollars for faith-based charities, the failure of Bush's plan to expand this notwithstanding. This is already the case! Nobody in America would oppose a church's right to hire only people from their group to work for them: this is why the laws read the way they do and why they are, indeed, allowed to "discriminate" in this manner.

The only controversy is whether they ought to be allowed to accept public money and do this at the same time. Strict state-church separation, as understood by the Constitution's architects, would solve this problem once and for all: the Constitution forbids giving public money to churches -- even in the context of competitive bidding for social services contracts!

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