Atheists' Gross Ignorance
Restores Waning Faith
Genevieve McCarthy

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
Date: December 14, 2001 5:41 PM

This shows only that some people will go to great lengths to hide the obvious if and only if the obvious is what gets between that person and religious faith. This is demonstrated by your merely having made a bald assertion, without bothering to even lift a finger toward making a case for yourself. It's almost as if you didn't even read the work by Lewis, as Lewis (rightly) accuses the Roman Catholic Church of having deleted the prohibition against image-making, not the prohibition against worshiping gods other than Jehovah. Your criticism of Lewis's work is particularly startling (read: unique) in that the Hebrews did not delete the prohibition against image-making, as Lewis has accused the Roman Catholic Church of having done (as have countless other critics of the Roman Catholic Church).

But that you would do this in the process of slandering another human -- particularly if that person is a member of a widely and unjustly despised class of people -- show only that you are a bigot.

I can only hope for the sake of Roman Catholicism that it was not the religion which prompted you to behave this way, but that you would remain a bigot even if you became an atheist. I just cannot imagine Roman Catholicism having inspired someone to do what you have done just so that her reputation might be defended before men. I would hope that Roman Catholicism thinks more highly of herself than that -- or at least that her reputation would be on solid enough ground that she would not need to unjustly tarnish the reputation of a man simply to defend hers.

If you can show that the Roman Catholic Church did not delete what the two other sects call the Second Commandment, renumber Commandments Three through Nine as Two through Eight respectively, and then divide what the two other sects call the Tenth into two separate Commandments, extracting the center of that Commandment for the Ninth and reconstructing the beginning and end of that Commandment for the Tenth, I will retract what I have said and post an apology. In lieu of that, you have earned the link on our Front Page which we have, for years, silently dubbed the laugher link.

Have a nice life! As far as I can tell, this is the only life we ever get to live. Ever!

This being the case, I will live my life being very careful that I have all my facts straight before lumping an entire class of people together and issuing a pronouncement against them, lest I end up slandering one or all of them. I wouldn't want to make such a mistake very often if neither I nor those who could be victimized will live more than once. And I will certainly be more than careful that I have all my facts straight, lest I be found to have slandered a human being (or an entire class of humans) just so I can defend a mere idea. That to defend an idea (such as Roman Catholicism -- or atheism, for that matter) is worth sacrificing the reputation of one of my fellow-humans is almost incomprehensible to me.

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six years of service to
     people with no reason to believe

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