'Left Behind' Fans
Left In A Tizz
Over 'Harry Potter'
Ken Whitley


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Fundamentalists Freak over Harry Potter

I think we should report on that nastiest danger of all, the threat to all civilization that strikes fear in the heart of those wacky fundamentalists. No, I'm not talking about Bin Laden maybe having nukes. I'm talking about Harry Potter.

Yep, the goombas have their chastity belts in a knot over the little wizard with the broken glasses. Now, let's put aside for a moment that Harry Potter doesn't even really exist. But what really gets me is the language these guys use to go after the little kid. Apparently, anyone who likes Harry Potter is a pagan. Yep. And worse, some people who like Harry Potter believe in other religions that aren't Christianity. I'm not kidding, they actually consider that a problem. Read this quote from the Concerned Women for America's "Culture and Family Institute" (i.e., its group of virulently anti-gay goobers who used to work at the Family Research Council) in defending their opposition to little ole Harry -- it's a doozy:

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"...pagans are already overrunning the country, if the schools' hostility to the Bible and all things Christian are any indication. Why should Christians be complacent while America's Christian heritage, including Christmas, is ejected from the public schools? Why should Islam be given identical recognition in all matters? There is no Islamic George Washington or John Adams. There is no religious freedom as we know it in countries dominated by Islam. Religious liberty is a Christian concept. Unless America's Christian heritage is vigorously defended, all the while paganism and other religions are presented as acceptable and even superior, then it will be no wonder that Christians might wake up some day to find America an alien land."

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Other religions are presented as acceptable, and that's a problem? I'll just let that little ditty speak for itself. Have a great weekend.


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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
Subject: Re: Right Wing worried about -- "Harry Potter"
Date: November 30, 2001 2:03 PM

The ones that are scared of Harry Potter are the same ones who are pushing Left Behind the hardest.

Talk about dangerous reading!? Whoo boy! The Harry Potter series is The Cat In The Hat Comes Back compared to that stuff!

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six years of service to
    people with no reason to believe

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