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From: "Positive Atheism Magazine" "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "Ryan Bates"
Subject: Calls for: Poetry; Quotations (Quips)!!-Re: Great Site!!!
Date: April 05, 2002 9:58 AM

We are currently (in fact) putting out a call for poetry submissions.

The problem is that I've been so ill that I've had to close off many functions of this operation just to survive, and one of those has been our e-list dispatch, wherein such announcements get made and reminders sent. However, we are involved in two poetry projects, both involving publication, but one of them after the poems have been translated into the Slovak language! As almost all of us are still young enough to remember, most who speak the Slovak languages only recently shed atheism as their state irreligion (of sorts), so naturally the call for something such as a journal of atheistic poetry would be wild like we in the West would have difficulty imagining. The second project is our involvement in a book-length collection of atheistic poetry, which is currently awaiting the results of ads slated for upcoming issues of regular poetry trade journals (if you will). Both projects are not our projects, but we are merely lending our name and becoming involved as my health allows (which means that some individual other than myself could conceivably do the work on our behalf: more than a few aspects of PAM have stopped being one-man operations).

Thus far, we have been given two complete collections of poetry (books, that we've been asked or encouraged to publish on our own terms; that is, to do with what we wish). These have not been ignored or lost, but merely have awaited the proper time (which is now) plus my health to return to normal (whatever that is, although what I've had to endure thus far this year is unspeakable, to say the least!).

Another opportunity we have opened up that you, as a writer, may with to take advantage of is our call for a list of your own quotes, to make a section in our Big List of Quotations. This involves coming up with those sayings, lines, thoughts, word patterns (whatever) that have affected you profoundly. What are those flashes of lucidity that changed you forever? What segments have others in your audience have consistently told you are the favorites? As more than a few have noticed, the thousands of quotes and quips that I dug out of my reading and OCRed from print media (that at one time lived only on PAM) have been copied and pasted (lifted? stolen?) to the point of having become standard fare on the hundreds of little two-bit atheistic web sites across the Web.

So, in order to become unique once again, and in order to encourage both uniqueness in web design and -- What a concept! -- doing one's own work in web design, we have embarked on a quest to amass the best quips from what we call the "Vocal Locals": those movers and shakers at the regional level who have had some things to say over the years and would like to now introduce those ideas as memes suitable for the entire species. Naturally, this would include anybody who has worked at a level that is less than global-historical, not being limited to geographic regions, but, of course, cultural "regions" as well. And poetry is most definitely one of those "cultural regions" that we'd like to bring to the forefront and introduce to a much larger audience. With a balance of interspersing snippets into sections that are traditionally prosaic and maintaining sections which are strictly poetic, I think we stand a much better chance of doing this than before. Actually, I think, to give atheistic poetry any attention at all cannot fail to bring progress in these respects.

What I Can Do Now:

1. I am currently trying to catch up from being four print editions behind. This means that I am requesting original material that is not of a current-events or timely nature, as these issues should have already been out for some months now (except that until last week, I was too gimped-out to even put my clothes on without great difficulty; forget about working).

2. I am also dedicating approximately an hour a day to the Big List of Quotations; which means, if some writer sends me a dozen or two quotes with source citations, a biographical sketch, and a photo or similar portrait, I could conceivably have that formatted, indexed, and posted within a day or so. I cannot overemphasize the importance of our Big List of Quotes, as we are one of the busiest atheistic web sites on the Internet and the Big List of Quotes is easily our busiest section, being at least as popular among quotes buffs any more as it has ever been among atheists.

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six-and-a-half years of service
    to people with no reason to believe

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