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Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 9:24 AM

Yeah, let's get busy! If you know where to get financial backing, I've got the resources as far as historical material and perspective!

Last time we did that, however, atheists in Texas distributed book covers with quotes about religion from the Founding Fathers (Jefferson, John Adams, Sam Adams, Madison, Paine, Franklin, Ethan Allen, etc., even A. Lincoln and U.S. Grant) and they were banned as "hate literature"!!

Hate literature!? Can you believe it?

They just can't handle even the thought that a true hero such as Abraham Lincoln could possibly have been an atheist, or that George Washington could have been anything other than a pious Christian, falling to his knees at the drop of a hat and humbly beseeching the Lord for His guidance in establishing this new nation as a Christian Nation unto His Glory! Our collection of biographical sketches puts many of these notions to rest.


Actually, these Christians are just plain greedy! And that's what happens to you when you use a collection of documents such as the Bible as a moral guide. Those who take the Bible seriously will never be satisfied with everyone getting a slice of the pie: they must be in control or they just won't shut up.

These preachers and "teachers" and activists don't have to work for a living, not "by the sweat of their brow," anyway, like they tell the common is his lot, and thus have plenty of time on their hands. Unless they are in full control, they will connive and finagle and swindle and snivel and con and pout and lie and cheat and hiss and spit and jump up and down and generally make it so that your absolute best option is to "toss them another bone," so to speak. Almost all the petty legislation that has come their way has been in the form of "tossing them a bone" just to get then to stop barking. Maybe they'll go off into a corner for a while, so we can get some important things done. Then they turn around and point to those "bones" we tossed them and call them "precedents." Now that we gave them "In God We Trust" (because McCarthyism had to be handled very gingerly), they're back for more, insisting that what we did last time was not wrong or immoral or illegal, but is business as usual.

We have offered to make our National Bible Week and Which Ten Commandments material available to be converted to book covers. I also have compiled the Political Figures Quotes material which would be great source material for book covers, etc.

Joseph Lewis once funded the distribution of little copies of Paine's The Age of Reason. I have an edition of it that's had the language modernized but we could modernize Robert Green Ingersoll as well, and compile something from our Thomas Jefferson Quotes Page (or any Jefferson material, for that matter), or even Joseph Lewis's classic An Atheist Manifesto or his Atheism essay. I own the e-text conversion work on all of this stuff, but otherwise most of the material itself is public domain (that means that if somebody wants to publish it, they'll have to do their own e-text conversion because I have watermarked my editions with tiny, almost indiscernible variations in text to be able to tell if somebody simply copied and pasted my editions into a book, and I will pursue anybody who commercializes from my work). Otherwise, I am willing to work with anybody who wishes to use it to use this material (or any other to which I have access) to distribute to schools. And if someone wants to use my e-text work for a project that I agree with, I'd most likely run with it. I just don't care for greediness at all, so if someone's going to post it with that "Shock the Monkey" banner -- fer-get it!.

The problem is, the Christian churches get beaucoup money from the sale of their lucrative fire insurance policies, and that's how they finance their propaganda machine. I have yet to meet an active atheist who is so utterly contemptible as to do that to their fellow humans, so we generally don't have money to burn like the Christian organizations do.

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six-and-a-half years of service
    to people with no reason to believe

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