Carried by Senate


Mychal Judge Bill Killed
At Behest Of White House
Sammi Ruth Fowler


May 24, 2002

This is from today's Wall Street Journal:

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"Mychal Judge" bill, named for the gay firehouse chaplain who died Sept. 11, is yanked from a House vote. "The White House had a problem with it," a GOP aide says. The bill, which the Senate passed unanimously, would amend a 1976 law giving federal benefits to slain public-safety officers' families; it would extend benefits to Judge's sisters and to estates of nine other victims without spouses, children or parents. A Justice Department memo says the change is unneeded.


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Cliff Responds:

Please keep in mind that atheists are the least likely of any social class (besides homosexuals) to have undergone the particularly religious ritual known as "marriage," currently restricted, by law, to heterosexual couples.

Please see my write-up on this fact in my recent piece, "Atheists Come to Power."

By pointing out the vast differences in marriage rates between religious and nonreligious people, and by suggesting that marriage is, in fact, more of a religious rite than anything else, perhaps we can put the brakes on this move to define "marriage" as a union between a man and a woman, which would be fine except that the amendment takes the additional step of forbiding states from granting to unmarried people benefits that have traditionally been enjoyed by those who have "been to the altar," as they say.

Cliff Walker

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