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Roy Bowne

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From: "Positive Atheism Magazine" <>
To: "Roy Bowne"
Subject: Re: IN GOD WE TRUST On Our Money
Date: October 22, 2002 12:25 AM


By the way, two of my ancestors signed the United States Constitution. My understanding of what it means and what it does not mean comes initially from studying the work of my ancestors as a youngster.

Ah, okay! Now we're on to something! I think we can figure this out, now. Using your logic:

My beloved Grandfather suffered excruciating, "I-can't-stand-it" pain for the final one-third of his life. He was an unbeliever, but he never harmed a soul, and dedicated his life to helping other men pick themselves up and build a career for themselves -- never charging a single dime for his services.

My little brother never even got to HAVE a life. Instead of learning how to talk and play like other kids, he caught a dreadful childhood disease that I hear is so painful to die of that after the State takes your kid away from you (they did that back then, and may still do it today, they did that to us, anyway), they quietly whisk the kid off to the University where he can receive specialized care (that is, where he can be "studied" and where future doctors and nurses can learn how to deal with difficult children). Then, when the painful part starts to set in (never later than the age of six), the kid "slips into a coma" (they say). Whenever it happens, it is very early during that final stage and never comes out of it.

Mercy killing? You bet!

Your so-called GOD didn't help us get of this alive. He wasn't trying to teach us patience or anything: what good would patience do for my Brother, and my Grandfather had all the patience anybody could possibly need in that he spent the entire time of his illness resisting the urge to kill himself (like just about everybody else that I've spoken with about it would have done).

Thus, using your logic, if you have an easy life, then there is such thing as a "God." It follows, then, that if I've had it as tough as I hafe,then there canot possibly be a "God."

Oh, I suppose we might want to go to night school and bone up on our grammar and spelling. That might make it so that more people will have an easier time taking us seriously should we ever feel the need to snow them with bald assertions.

Yes, I know. We all learned just a few weeks ago that the Pledge of Allegiance has been around since the Declaration of Independence and that it has, for the entire time, contained the language "under God." We all got a refresher course in the history of the Pledge of Allegiance.


I lost the bet!



A reader bet me that it wouldn't be three months before someone wrote to my Forum and claimed something along the lines that the Pledge of Allegiance has always had a religious foundation or has always contained "under God" or something to that effect.

I said, "No. I simply refuse to think that people can be that patently dishonest as to try to pull the wool over our eyes not three months after the Newdow decision gave the whole nation a lesson on how all this religion was sneaked into our ceremony in the 1950s because everybody was afraid to say a word that might upset the McCarthy Era goon squad.

Yes, during that frightfully harrowing time when the United States was indistinguishable from the very popular understanding of what the Soviet Union was like, that is, when the McCarthy Era waged war against America, her Constitution, and most importantly, her people, making many facetiously wonder if perhaps they might find Liberty in some place like Soviet Union (because we weren't finding it here, that's for sure!), the government which then this spot of land declared itself "one nation under God. "

This was the year 1957.

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[Yeah, I know! I know! It was June 14, 1954. Time to go back to school and bone up on the "tedious dates" portion of my history education!]


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Before then, we weren't calling ourselves "one nation under God." The only place you heard it at all was a forgery, if you will, of the Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln wrote out a copy of the Address by hand at the request of a preacher who asked him, on the spur of the moment (yeah, right!), to insert the words "under God" after the words "this nation." The Address never previously contained that language. Who was Lincoln to say "No" to anybody who helped preserve the Union?

Typical of biblical Christians, they immediately published this version far and wide and lied to the public, telling the uneducated masses that the original Gettysberg address contained the language "under God." And even though you and I can both log on to the Lincoln library and view photos of the two original versions, the one he wrote and took to the presentation to read, and the one that he wrote down moments after the presentation was concluded.

Neither of the two original copies contain the language "under God." This language has not been in our ceremony for more than 50 years.

In other words, exactly fifty years ago today, the language "under God" and "one nation under God" were not a part of American law, heritage, or ceremony.

And such language has never been in our Constitution.

However, even though you know this now, I would be willing to bet money that I am not the last person that you tell that little lie to.

I would much rather stay here in the United States of America and defend her Constitution against what has always, since Jefferson's day, been her most formidable enemy: the lying Christian clergy. Jefferson identified the lying, history revisionist, "America as Christian Nation" clergy as our Constitution's and as humankind's most redoubtable foes. I think similarly and I will continue to reiterate what Jefferson said -- not because he said it, but because it continues to be the truth as I see it.

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Seven years of service to people
    with no reason to believe

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