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Sampo Syreeni

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Sampo Syreeni"
Subject: Re: Atheistic symbology
Date: March 08, 2004 12:46 AM

Interestingly, your symbol page pretty much parallels mine, except that yours has a few mine doesn't and vice versa. I'll link to yours from mine and tack your letter onto the end of the chain of files.

The main page is called "Symbols, Acronyms, and Slogans." The others are linked from it (and each other).

"Do Atheists Have A Symbol?" is my rebuttal to the whole concept of symbolizing atheism.

The editorial column along the same lines, which eventually resulted from these discussions, is titled "To Symbolize That Which Is Not?"

In "A Symbol To Make My Own Voice Heard?" I mention, almost in passing, that the pansy is the symbol of Freethought, a close cousin to atheism.

This idea is best conveyed in the description of the dust jacket for Annie Laurie Gaylor's book, Women Without Superstition.

The one called "To Respond With That Unfazed 'No-I'm-Not' Look!" shows me in a more hopeful mood, certainly more open to the various suggestions that have come my way and even entertaining many of my own ideas (!).

Peter's "License Plate Holder: 'I Am Atheist / I Am America'" includes a little rant from me about combining patriotism with atheism.

"Any Symbol Must Be Given Its Meaning" is Randy's suggestion, donated to Positive Atheism's discussion by a close friend.

The beautiful part about this post is that Randy successfully refutes my main material objection by explaining that whatever we come up with will become learned by the public if we put forth an education effort regarding the symbol!

What I like about the image itself is that it can be done up as jewelry in just the shape of the head, with the eye and exclamation point either "hollowed out" (see-through) or in relief (or one of each).

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