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Suddenly Strangers
Surrendering Gods & Heroes

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by Brad Morin

for Positive Atheism
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This submission to our De-Conversion Stories vividly describes the writer's initial loyalty to "The Faith of his Fathers," and continues by showing the emotional upheaval which inevitably follows the discovery of having been betrayed. All along we see the writer resisting what his natural mind is trying to tell him. This finally gives way to his resolve to stand firm and pay the price of being true to oneself. Particularly moving is how the two brothers simultaneously awaken, first to the truth of their situation and ultimately to each other's "dirtly little secret"!
     We post this special entry in our DeCon collection, ultimately hoping to showcase the Morin brothers' book as among the more powerful tools available for those who have made the decision to renounce "The Faith of Our Fathers" -- whatever those "Fathers" may have believed in each individual case.
     -- The Editors


Title Graphic Rule
Suddenly Strangers
Surrendering Gods
& Heroes

Title Graphic Rule
by Brad Morin

written for Positive Atheism

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