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Wirba Victor Banseka

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From: "Positive Atheism"
To: "Victor Wirba"
Subject: WebMaster: Positive Atheism Index
Date: December 18, 2004


There are two philosophies calling themselves Positive Atheism: the first comes from India, and the second is derived from it, being a Westernization and modernization of some of its core elements.

America and The West

For a copy of the current statement the the Positive Atheism (PAM) that we advocate, simply print out or save the page
This is the first part of our FAQ centerpiece and the only part of it that you'll need to look at for this question.We have another FAQ piece about organized atheism called "Why Advocate For Individual Activists?"This work denounces the notion of organized atheism by challenging adherents to consider individual activism with no religious test: social activism done in spite of the pain involved in doing such work!

While in many of the poverty-stricken parts of the world, any and all organizations also perform charity work as a matter of course, the organized atheism that I've encountered here in the West seems to function only as a means to recruit people to atheism.

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For information on the Positive Atheism that comes from India, contact the Atheist Centre. Their address is:

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Atheist Centre, Benz Circle,
Vijayawada 520010, AP, India
Phone: 91-866-247-2330
PO Fax: 91-866-248-4850
(Info updated as of October, 2003)

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The organization's main function is as a charity, a social rights advocacy, and an educational center. They struggle for the rights and dignity of the so-called untouchables, but whenever a flood wipes out part of the region (a not-infrequent occurrence, I hear), the Centre itself empties out to become a skeleton of its normal existence, and all hands become ready to do whatever is needed to bring relief to the victims, to bury the dead, and to try to comfort what remains among the grieving.

They also tour India revealing the science behind the so-called miraculous performances of the religious charlitans. For example, one display shows how magnets placed inside dolls, mixed with a little slight-of-hand stage magic, makes the dolls appear to move on their own. Many of these events end with a firewalking ceremony, where all who wish are taught the trick to walking on fire -- as well as the physics behind why it is possible for anybody to do this.

Atheist Centre has published numerous books, most of which are posted online and indexed on this page:
They also publish a news and interview magazine.

The Atheist Centre is a huge operation that has been working for almost 60 years; our operation, PAM, is just one man right now.

Take care!

Cliff Walker
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