'Objective' Moralities that Stifle
No Big Deal (At All)


From: "Ruth"
To: "Positive Atheism"
Sent: October 18, 2004
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section

I'm incredibly impressed by your site: while not being entirely atheist, (though definitely anti-religion) I agree with almost everything that you stand for. I have a strong distaste for "objective" moralities that stifle and destroy people's rational and happy state of mind, forcing guilt upon untroubled people and making everyone miserable.

I'm not in total agreement (after all, that would be boring), but in most respects, i think you're bang on. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes



From: "Positive Atheism"
To: "Ruth"
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section
Date: October 26, 2004


To us, an atheist is anybody who lacks a god-belief, anybody who is not a theist.

We also think atheism is no big deal at all. One's atheism should never be a very important aspect of his or her life; after all, atheism is our response to but one thing: religion. Take what religion means to religionists and remove it, and what's left is a religion-free life. That is atheism! Since we're not religious, our atheism, when it crops up at all, exists only in the context of what other people think, do, and say. Our atheism says nothing to what we think, do, and say.

This Positive Atheism project (as opposed to the one in India) exists as an effort to stifle the widespread opposition to who we are -- rather, who we are not. People are bent on stopping -- well? Atheists exist as atheists only when fussy theists decide to "deal with" us! At all other times and in all other contexts, we are human beings, no more and no less.

I've gone so far as to suggest that if they'd simply leave us alone, if religionists practiced their religion unintrusively, there would be no atheism and no atheists.

Take care!

Cliff Walker
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