Atheist Centre 1940-1990 Golden Jubilee
International Conference Souvenir
Vijayawada, February 3, 4, and 5, 1990
[OCR by Tim Sullivan; HTML, editing, by Cliff Walker]

Atheist Centre -- A Shining Beacon
Sir Hermann Bondi (Cambridge, U.K.)

Humanists all over the world are proud of the Atheist Centre and its Golden Jubilee. Humanism above all stresses the unity of mankind and aims to counteract the terribly divisive tendencies of the different religions. In its opposition to unreason and to superstition it has a task of relevance everywhere. But over and above this, Humanism has an enormous social responsibility. It needs to work to make people more aware of their own potential through education, it needs to enable people to be fitter and healthier, to be self-reliant and to be ready to take responsibility. These are not easy targets to meet, especially amongst those given least in the way of esteem, of material means, of self-confidence by the economic and social system in which they live, be it through discrimination (by gender, class, race or religion) or just by circumstances In these universal tasks, important to Humanists everywhere, the work of the Atheist Centre is a shining beacon to us all. Its work through a wide area has much to show and to teach us.

I wish all success to the Atheist Centre in its next 50 years and may its efforts inspire others elsewhere.