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Character in Melville's Moby Dick

Queegqueg no care what god made him shark ... wedder Fejee god or Nantucket god; but de god what made him shark must be one dam Ingin.
-- Queegqueg in Moby Dick, quoted by Robert Anton Wilson in his review of the 1968 film Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams

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"Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian."
-- Ishmael, the narrator of Melville's novel, Moby Dick, on his first meeting with Queequeg, the harpooner, with whom he is obliged to share a bed, quoted from Encarta Book of Quotations

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Quintus Ennius (239 BCE-169? BCE)
Roman poet

How like us is that ugly brute, the ape!
-- Quintus, De Divinatione (Cicero; 1942 (tr. H Rackham)), quoted from Encarta Book of Quotations

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The Subtle Fulmination of the Encircled Sea

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Poster your wall.    Graffiti your (own) fence!!!

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That's what this list is for!
That's why I made it!

In using this resource, however, keep in mind that
it's someone's life's work, a hedge against old age.

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