Remington Powell, Age 8, Critically Injured
(Plaintiff: Portland Scouting Case)
by Cliff Walker

November 18, 1999

Remington Powell Injured:
Please, Everyone, Send Him a Card and Some Pictures

Remington PowellPlease, everyone, send Remy Powell a card. He is the boy who is the plaintiff in the case against the Portland Public Schools, the boy who was recruited by the Scouts during class time. Mike Montalvo reports that Remy was injured in a pedestrian-auto accident this week. His leg is broken in three places and his spleen was ruptured. He is in the Intensive Care Unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Mike says he is hanging in there; I will call the hospital tomorrow and try to get a prognosis; if anybody wants that report, please write and ask.

If you would, please send a card to him. I'm sure he would also appreciate photos of you and your family, perhaps photos of your animals if you have them, photos of the terrain where you live, drawings by your kids, and anything you think would lift a critically injured boy's heart. The address is:

Remington Powell
Legacy Emanuel Hospital
2801 N Gantenbein
Portland OR 97227-1623

While I was involved with United States Atheists, I met Remington many times. Would that we all could, as adults, have the keen grasp of fairness and of Freethought principles that this boy has as a child. But as for the experience of bigotry that Remy has endured, I would not wish that on anyone. This is way too high a price for a child to pay to learn what Remy has learned, and he is way too young to be learning what he knows. I can speak to this because I endured similar experiences when I was his age: nobody should ever have to go through what he has gone through, and this is why I work so hard to effect change in our world.

If you have an atheistic, humanistic, or freethought list, please feel free to distribute this section. Mike Montalvo's Scouting site lives at:

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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