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Repenting In -- Washington DC!?
by Cliff Walker

My friend joined Promise Keepers, the fast-growing Christian men's movement. I told him Promise Keepers is, first and foremost, a political movement, endorsed by shady advocates of America becoming a hard-core Christian theocracy.

When I said America is not a Christian nation, he acted shocked. He rattled off several quotes by the founding fathers to bolster his case, so I gave him the article by Rob Boston which shows these quotes to be frauds, and gave him some tough talk about freedom of and from religion. For a moment I thought he may have heard me. Apparently not.

He wrote this weekend telling me he was going to Washington DC for the big Promise Keepers rally. He then asked me to pray for his wife and kids, who would be alone all weekend. (He knows what an atheist is, and he knows he alone should address his family's loneliness.)

I jested: "What!? You're leaving your poor wife and kids alone while you go out and jump up and down with the boys? For shame!" But I wasn't merely jesting.

Promise Keepers tells us it stumps for the idea of a "Biblical family," the husband in charge of a heterosexual monogamy. Never mind that many Old Testament heroes were polygamists and rapists, or that conspicuously absent from the New Testament is mention of the wives of its heroes -- particularly Paul and Jesus.

Ah, to interpret ancient gobbledegook!

Founder Bill McCartney told the press that, "Almighty God has called us here to repent," and that the Promise Keepers are "not coming with any other agenda."

If Promise Keepers is not a political group, if their agenda is simply to repent, then why are they holding the rally in Washington DC, of all places? Because their agenda is not really all that hidden.

Their theme is II Chronicles 7:14: "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Er, "heal their land"? Of course! It was addressed to the theocracy of Judah.

Promise Keepers, very popular among "Christian Nation" advocates, is making a public display of sackcloth and ashes to save this country from damnation. Why would they think this? Because, they say, America is, and always has been, a Christian nation, accountable to Biblical law.

All of us. Or down comes that fire and brimstone -- and a third of all the stars.

This lie has crept up on us very quickly.

Our main job today is to expose and demolish the "Christian Nation" myth.

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