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Did Dennis Rodman Have a Point?
by Cliff Walker

Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman was fined a record $50,000 last month for saying something awful about religion and religious people. This is double what he was fined for kicking an arrogant photographer in the family jewels.

Moral: Don't say anything bad about religion -- anything.

Based on reports, Rodman said the following: "It's difficult to get in sync because of all the fucking Mormons out here. And you can quote me on that." This, he said, is why he flew to Chicago between games in Salt Lake City.

Bulls coach Phil Jackson wasn't any more tactful: "To Dennis, a Mormon may just be a nickname for people from Utah. He may not even know it's a religious cult or sect or whatever it is."

Amidst a chorus of outcry by the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League, Rodman eventually waffled and said, "That was a bad action on my part. So we retract that."

But wait -- What does Mormonism say about Rodman? The Mormon god's main revelation, "The Book of Mormon," explains why Dennis Rodman and many other humans have dark skin. Alma 3:6 says, "The skins of the Lamanites were dark, according to the mark which was set upon their fathers, which was a curse upon them because of their transgression and rebellion." In 2 Nephi 5:21, Mormon scripture describes whites: "As they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome to come upon."

White skin is a reward from God; dark skin is a curse, the result of wickedness:

"Their curse was taken from them, and their skin became white like unto the Nephites; And their daughters became exceedingly fair." (3 Nephi 2:15-16)

"O my brethren, I fear that unless you shall repent of your sins that their skins will be whiter than yours, when you shall be brought with them before the throne of God." (Jacob 3:8)

Mormonism has a shameful history of white supremacist doctrines and practices. While I denounce anyone painting an entire group with a broad brush, neither should we allow ourselves to forget things like the history of Mormonism.

I don't understand why the NAACP and B'nai B'rith are so bent over Rodman: these groups, if any, know about racist groups such as the Mormon Church. For the basketball league, the press, and especially the anti-hate groups to twitch about Rodman without once mentioning Mormon racism is irresponsible.

Perhaps they know better than to say something bad about religion?

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