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For a Positive Future
by Cliff Walker

For several months we've been working to make the Center more visible and more accessible. In short, CRT is at a crossroads and we need to give the Center the best possible chance for survival.

Our initial goal was to see CRT remain open for five years. Our five years are up and we are still here -- but the Center won't survive simply by us waving a wand and shouting "abracadaver." To keep CRT open, we'll need to do some old-fashioned work.

What have we done? First, we've agreed to move as soon as we can, giving up our fight with the landlord. Going to court to enforce the terms of our lease could jeopardize our capital. We will, of course, stand firm and try to get what's left of the justice we deserve.

But, the costs of moving could zap our meager funds. We have to move, of course, but we must remain frugal for now.

We've also brought more focus to our weekly meetings. The theme will change each week and will cycle once a month. This focus could equip each of us to understand the issues and to make an impact in our community.

The return of inviting an outside speaker on second Tuesdays could be a major coup. Under the semblance of learning from a speaker, we often teach the guest a thing or two. This forum works both ways, and can also attract a lot of public attention.

But after all this, we still have a long way to go. We've been seeking a new location for several months now and have found nothing. Also, we have no concrete plans for raising much-needed funding. Finalizing our non-profit status could prove very effective in this quest.

A key to my personal involvement is knowing why I support CRT in the first place. Having been in a position to need the help of a Separationist group, this is an easy question for me to answer. Do you see a need for CRT in your community? and is the Center equipped to fill those needs?

I want a place to go, a place where I can feel welcome. I want to work and think and speak and see the fruits of my efforts. Although I could find these things at any number of places, get all this and more at CRT.

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Copyright ©1997 Cliff Walker; Portland, Oregon