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Your New 'Critical Thinker' by Cliff Walker

I am beginning to understand why the Critical Thinker gets a new editor every year or so. This is a job-and-a-half! For example, I was showing my friend how our logo would fit into the space, so I opened a drawing program and sketched what you see above with my mouse in less than a minute. Now I'm in a real quandary because I really like how it came out. Do I keep this one that I decided to use in a pinch? or should I replace it next month with the "real" logo?

Original Masthead of the 'Critical Thinker'

But really, why am I willing to edit the Critical Thinker? First, because I love the Center for Rational Thought. Secondly, because I love to write. Thirdly, I was raised an atheist (although we never, ever used the "A" word at home). Fourthly, even though I was raised an atheist, I spent three years wandering around in a cultic religious fog -- plus five years after that deprogramming myself. And finally, because there have been several times when I needed the aid of people who are dedicated to the separation of church and state.

The Center for Rational Thought, just by existing, has become the place where people go when they need to get the "other side" of the picture. How many times have Jerry Billings and Lanny Swerdlow been called by this or that reporter and asked to comment or even appear on a program that deals with religious issues that affect everyone's lives? Once, an inmate in the Justice Center Jail put the jail administration in a real bind: he asked for a visit from the atheist equivalent of a minister. He got Jerry!

The Center for Rational Thought deserves the best that I can give it. CRT has helped me to understand not only what I believe and why I believe it, but also why is it important to stand up and proclaim that I see things this way.

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