Alt Tag Gag

Jordan, my neighbor's cat.
Jordan replaced Smoky, who died July 4, 1998.
Spot showed up on the doorstep the same July 4. (b. early 1998)
At the time of this photo, Jordan was as big as Smoky
would have ended up, full grown, however, at thist time,
he was still too young to neuter, being only four or five months.
I never got to see him come of age, but can imagine him growing
to become as big as my Blue Steel ended up (he peaked at 23 pounds).

Jordan was a real lesson on picking cats.
She wanted a companion for her other cat.
But when she came back from the pound, she said,
"I found just the one! He jumped right into my arms and said,
                 'Take me! Take me!'"
Naturally, this cat won the hearts of every human in the heighborhood.
Wouldn;t give the time of day to any of the cats, though.